Sunday, September 25, 2011

Effect of Outbound Links on Pagerank

As described in the pagerank algorithm, the distributed pagerank after being divided by the number of outbound links on that page. So a page that receives PageRank from another page after dividing the number of outgoing links from that page rank is accompanied by damping distribution with a value of damping factor.. Previously, the need to consider is the per page and total PR PR is a different website. Outbound links will not impact directly on the pagerank of the page itself, but the other pages that are linked by that page and then stayed behind when there is a backlink from a page link. And if the outbound links are external links (links outside the website), it will greatly affect the PageRank of other pages within the website. Or you could say the total pagerank of the website.. Judging from the link structure of the website in general, any page linked to each other or at least have one link to the home page. . If in this case there are no external links, then the PageRank distribution only on the pages within the website and will not be reduced from the total pagerank website..This article will be a little confusing if you have not read the draft and pagerank algorithm. . In The obvious, if a page has external outbound links, the page will distribute PageRank to other sites owned. And if the page also has links to other pages within the same site, pagerank received an in-link pages within the same site will be reduced.The worst case and often happens is, when the structure of the links page (the article following the link structure) mostly distribute PageRank to the main page (index) and the index page has many outbound external links then the other pages within the website will have a very minimal pagerank . This is because after the page index collected pagerank, pagerank is distributed to other sites. .This situation will be worsened if the other pages did not receive a direct link from index page. Because this is why pages are not index pages often have low PR. It does have the impact that often we do not expect, some other articles which will affect his cases and I will discuss in subsequent articles.